At Monday 21st November there is the start of international project TVLC (The VET Learning Community). This project is about the collaboration of mainstream and special education. From this collaboration a strengthening of (suitable) education for young people with a disability is expected.

For the Netherlands initiator REA College Pluryn together with ROC RijnIJssel (Arnhem) participate. Based on earlier answered questionnaires the participants (quality) culture is mapped. Also there is attention for learning issues to increase the quality of service provision. In 2.5 years partners will meet 6 times to compare the content of their daily work in order to achieve changes in culture and improvements in education. At that partners are supported by experts from the Netherlands, Portugal and Ireland. In this project there will also be attention for in what way inclusive education (everyone can participate) can be fostered in the future.

Project TVLC is sponsored by the Erasmus+ fund.

Kick-off new international project, cooperation with mainstream education as central topic
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