REA College Pluryn
Kerkenbos 1003
6546 BB Nijmegen
The Netherlands
REA College Pluryn is a vocational education center for people with a disability in the Netherlands. We educate and train between 100 and 150 students each year.

REA College Pluryn is part of Pluryn, which is a large service provider for people with a disability in eastern part of the Netherlands.

Rijn IJssel
Zijpendaalseweg 167
6814 CJ Arnhem
The Netherlands
Rijn IJssel offers profound vocational education. Rijn IJssel graduates are ready for the future whether this is work or further education. Students learn in the classroom, and also in practice. Thorough practical experience is very important in vocational education. Rijn IJssel collaborates with hundreds of employers in the area. Together with these training companies, Rijn IJssel makes sure that students become familiar with the latest developments in the field.

In order to offer excellent education, Rijn IJssel has four core values: reliability, commitment, inspiration, and aplomb. These values concern all parties related to Rijn IJssel: students, employees and internship companies.

Centerkontura d.o.o
Linhartova 51
1000 Ljubljana
Centerkontura operates in Slovenia since 1996. At first it has been established to develop mainly as consulting, vocational education and training and publishing company. We are registered for performing various activities: Employment service, Research and development , Social welfare, Consulting and business sevices, Leather accessories, Training and educating, Publishing, Employment rehabilitation.

We have employed 46 people with more than 40% of disabled and for that it is granted a special status. For the status services and manufacturing activities are offered in order to train and employ the disabled. The company's mission is to supplement organized offer of consulting, training and employing of the disabled and the long-term unemployed in the Ljubljana region and wider throughout Slovenia.

Centerkontura has a team of highly qualified experts with experience in the field of employment mediation and vocational training.

BIC Ljubljana
Ižanska cesta 10
1000 Ljubljana
Biotechnical Educational Centre Ljubljana (BIC Ljubljana) is an excellent educating institution recognizable in Slovenia and abroad as a center of quality education and training. BIC Ljubljana is a public institution, offering education and research in the field of secondary, short-term tertiary and adult education. It covers four units: School of Food Processing, General Upper Secondary School and Veterinary Technician School, Vocational College and Inter-Company Training Centre.

Altogether there are over 3000 participants (high school students, students and adult participants, participants of different courses) attending education and almost 200 employed people. Through the implementation of modern infrastructure, our mission is to provide students and adult learners with excellent environment in which they could successfully carry out their practical training and education. In addition to the accredited educational programmes, we offer a wide range of targeted programmes and trainings for companies and individuals alike.

Valakupiu Reabilitacijos Centras
Vaidilutes Gatve 69
10100 Vilnius
Public Institution Valakupiai Rehabilitation Centre (VRC) was established in 2000 by the Government of Lithuania.

The mission of VRC is to to provide, constantly improve and develop medical, vocational and social rehabilitation services, vocational educational training for people with disabilities and others who experience social exclusion or long-term health problems, in order to reach their full and equal participation, integration and better quality of life.

Over 100 VRC staff members provide vocational rehabilitation, vocational training, medical rehabilitation and driving school services for people with severe and moderate disabilities in Lithuania. Every year more than 700 service users benefit from the services provided in two Vilnius and Kaunas locations.

Since 2006 VRC is certified with ISO 9000:2008/LST EN ISO 9001:2008 standard requirements, since 2008 EQUASS Excellence quality mark. VRC is an associate member of international association of European Platform for Rehabilitation.

Kaunas Food Industry and Trade Training Centre
Taikos pr. 133
51123 Kaunas
Kaunas Food Industry and Trade Training Centre was established on the 1st of July, 2011. It resulted as a merger of two schools. Qualified food industry workers, cooks, confectioners, hotel workers, butchers, waiters-bartenders, small business organisers, e-commerce managers are trained in the Centre. There is possibility to get vocational education for students who learned in secondary school under special education programs and who have graduated or not. The centre also has a right to train adults according to formal education and labour market training programs. In the Centre more than one thausand students are studying every year.

The Centre has a technological gymnasium department where 11-12 graders are seeking to obtain the certificate of secondary education.

There are many different clubs of non-formal education as well as active students’ council.

The main task of this establishment is to improve quality of vocational training services and increase the accessibility of high quality training services, as well as to teach using the newest technique and technologies.

Astangu VRC
Astangu 27
13519 Tallinn
Astangu Vocational Rehabilitation Center is a one-of-a-kind center in Estonia, providing rehabilitation services, various courses, training opportunities and employment support to working age people with special needs. Our work is based on the specific capacities and needs of each individual with whom we work with the aim for them to realize their full potential in daily life.

However, we put an equally important focus on being a national competence centre in the field of social and vocational rehabilitation. We have a wide array of projects and developments which, together with our main vocational rehabilitation process, constitute the prime activities of our centre. We act as a competence centre under the Ministry of Social Affairs for piloting different methodologies and projects to benefit the service users and other specialists working in our field. Our competence and working methods are sought after both by mainstream vocational schools and social service providers.

Tallinna Majanduskool
Tammsaare tee 147
12915 Tallinn
Tallinn School of Economics was founded 1906 and is one of the biggest and oldest business colleges in Estonia.

Since the 2013/2014 academic year, the school offers 15 different study programs on the level 5 vocational training, also known as specialized vocational training, in the areas business services. During 2-2,5 years of studies, students acquire practically inclined education and a broad and in-depth knowledge of most important business issues and are trained to solve current problems in the business environment at home and abroad. In the academic year 2016/2017 we had about 1600 students and 140 members of teaching staff.

The strengths of the school are long-standing tradition and continuity in the teaching of the specialties, the teaching staff has good qualifications and practical experience; a modern learning environment, ICT plays an important role both in educational processes and in information supplies to students; different forms of study (daytime study, evening study and distance study) and for different target groups (adults, unemployed people); long-standing cooperation with employers and professional associations.

APPACDM de Coimbra
R. Vicente Pindela, nº 18
3030-030 Coimbra
APPACDM de Coimbra is a Portuguese non-profit organization, established in 1969 to promote the education and rehabilitation of people with intellectual disabilities.

The core mission is “to create conditions so that each person with intellectual disability (or at risk of exclusion) can reach its plenitude as human and social being, enhancing their individuality and consolidating their effective participation in society”.

Currently APPACDM Coimbra covers the counties of Coimbra, Arganil, Montemor-o-Velho and Cantanhede and supports more than 900 people with intellectual disabilities or from disadvantaged groups (adults facing social and economic exclusion due to mental health problems, learning difficulties and low skills and qualifications).

Develops activities in several areas such as early intervention, day care center, kindergarten, resource center for inclusion in regular school, vocational training, occupational activities and therapies, residential home accommodation, home support.

A person centred approached is used to promote the quality of life of each service user, guided by the principle of inclusion, always assuming that the person with disabilities has the right to be in the community, with everyone else.

Escola Profissional Val do Rio
Rua da Junção do Bem, 3
2780-261 Oeiras
Well done work, dedication, joy - The three expressions that best characterize EPVR (Escola Profissional Val do Rio):

Well done work
We believe that by working together with students and families, we are able to do more and better.

We give a bit more of ourselves in everything we do.

We look at life from different perspectives, thinking out of the box, but always keeping our purpose as a guideline – to be a support and reference to our students, families and community.

European Platform for Rehabilitation
Avenue des Arts 8, C/O CCI
1210 Brussels
The European Platform for Rehabilitation (EPR) is a non-profit European association of service providers to people with disabilities committed to excellence and innovation through mutual learning. It has 27 members in 17 countries. Its goal is to assist its member organisations to achieve continuous professional improvement, best practice and sustainable growth in every aspect of service delivery to people with disabilities and other disadvantages. The areas of work covered by EPR are: Vocational Education and training, Employment support services, social care and medical rehabilitation to people with disabilities and other disadvantages.

EPR is committed to help create a society where every person with a disability or other disadvantages accesses the highest quality services that create equal opportunities and independent participation in society.